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Frequently Asked Questions

The product we use will tan just the outer layer of your skin, and everyone's skin naturally exfoliates at different speeds. If you fully exfoliate the day before your appointment, and you take good care of your tan, you can expect it to last at the very least 5 days, and up to 2 weeks.  If you're going on vacation we also sell awesome tan extending lotions to keep your tan going strong.

We allow enough time to make sure you don't feel rushed.  However, if you're in a hurry, we can get you in and out in 15 minutes.

Please see the prep and care instructions here.

Please see the prep and care instructions here.

Some of the products we use contain a temporary bronzer so that you can see it as soon as it's applied.  However, that bronzer will  rinse off when you take a shower at the appropriate time.  Before you rinse off that bronzer can transfer to your clothing, but it shouldn't stain.  That's why we recommend bringing loose, dark clothing to your appointment.  We also have a solution that doesn't contain any bronzer if you'd prefer a clear solution.

Please wear loose dark clothing, preferably cotton.  No leggings, no tight jeans since these will rub off your tan before it can work its magic.

No. We surely wouldn't be in business if we turned our customers orange.

a guy holding a sign that says stop asking if you will be orange

Please see the prep and care instructions here.


Please continue to wear a face mask to your appointment.  In addition to hygiene, it also helps to prevent you from breathing in any spray tan mist.

Yes, a spray tan will help, but keep in mind that a spray tan simply tans the out layer of your skin.  It is not a makeup coverup (we do sell that if you need it).  If you have a sunburn, we don't recommend getting a spray tan until after you've peeled and your skin has healed from the damage.

Yes, and if your tattoo is still healing please bring Vaseline or similar product to cover a fresh tattoo.

Yes!  Everyone needs to even out their skin tone and glow.  Some reasons from spray tan artist Maria Michelle Lee, who specializes in tanning POC:  To even out skin tone, keep your skin tone popping with a touch of bronze, and get a beautiful contour to create and highlight muscle definition.  Or as our customer Drew Rios says in her review:  "Yes…black girls do tan!  It evens out skin tone and makes our skin so luminous!"

Yes, we have very gentle certified organic solutions that contain aloe and honey, and are good to use for most skin conditions.  Please contact us with any specific concerns, and talk to your doctor

We've had many pregnant clients, and in fact, we have even been referred by one customer's doctor.  However, always talk to your doctor first for confirmation.

"I’m in love with my tan!! It was my first time and Juliann made me feel so comfortable. The color came out as a natural, sun kissed, glow which is exactly what I wanted."

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