spray tan

Prep & Aftercare

  • Exfoliate your entire body 24-36 hrs before your appt. DO NOT EXFOLIATE THE DAY OF YOUR APPT
  • Shave, waxing, nails, facials at least 24 hrs before your appt.
  • DO NOT use Dove, Caress or soap the day of your appt or after your appt.
  • Shower at least 3 hrs prior to your appt.
  • DO NOT wear deodorant, lotion, makeup, moisturizer, perfume, oils, or body spray to your appt.
  • Wear loose cotton clothing (cotton dress, loose sweats) nothing tight to your appt.

  • No contact with water until you rinse off.
  • No physical activity until you rinse off.
  • Rinse in 1- 4 hrs with a rapid solution and 8-12 hrs with a regular solution.
  • The bronzer will rinse off in the shower, this is normal. The tan fully develops in 24-36 hrs.
  • First shower: water rinse only, no body wash
  • Second shower: use tan-safe body wash available from your spray tan artist, never Dove, soap, etc.
  • Put your pets away before you rinse, they will lick your tan.
  • Moisturize! The more you keep your skin hydrated the better your tan will look and last so drink your water! It help make your tan glow!  No oils.
  • Swimming, excessive sweating, soaking in the bath or spa, massages, etc., can shorten the life of your tan.
  • Spray tans don't contain SPF, so use SPF!

"I have the palest skin, I have never been tan in my life... I got a tan by Juliann before my senior prom and I felt absolutely amazing!!!!  I wasn't orange at all and my confidence was absolutely through the roof."

Mackenzie - Google Review